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Abq: VOTE NO Nov 19th!!!

1391651_510272975733834_1201001042_nThe upcoming highly anticipated DANDYKOR MASQ PARTY  is in part to support the good work of Young Women United, The NM Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and related other groups in their effort to ensure choice, healthcare and protect reproductive justice for NM women and families, which are at stake in the upcoming Nov. 19th local election. Let’s all do our part! GET OUT AND VOTE NO! Talk to friends and neighbors. Fight the upcoming ballot measure that will limit New Mexicans from health, and autonomy… This is about access to healthcare, and a much bigger issue beyond abortion rights. We will be giving a portion of the door $ to Young Women United, have an info table, and an amazing speaker from YWU present a bit about this intersectional issue. Learn more at


(shared from Ricky Roo:) Albuquerque, early voting goes through november 12th. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to vote NO on the abortion ban special measure. only four providers IN THE NATION perform procedures after 20 weeks, and TWO of them are here in albuquerque. if we lose this election, 2/3 of the nation will be effectively cut off from these vital services. this isn’t just about new mexico; this is about the entire country.

(shared from MaryLou:) One story everyone should be required to read before voting on the 20 week abortion ban. From my midwifery client, a Christian homeschooling mom of 8, pregnant with number 9.
“My heart is very, very heavy this morning as I contemplate something…..I love my babies…and ALL babies and mothers and families. I have never, ever been “pro-abortion.” Ever. However, what most people don’t realize is that had there been certain laws passed (that are being pushed right now), I would most likely not be here today. I would be in the ground with my son who had a fatal birth defect. He was born between 31 and 32 weeks after a cytotec induction, born alive so that we could say good-bye, born after morphine had crossed into his system to make his inevitable death less painful. These laws are pushing for women who are carrying babies who will DEFINITELY die to be forced to carry to term. Babies whose defects cause the Momma’s bodies to freak out and get really sick, really fast. In order to “cherish life” both his and mine would have ended, and ironically, that would have meant that Mallory, Noah and Emory (plus new on the way) would not have had a chance at their life….Also, even though we knew he would pass (100% death rate for this defect, he had no lungs. You need lungs to live) these laws would require a doctor to try and “save him.” So instead of being held by me and his Daddy as his heart slowed and he passed out of this world, loved, told all about his brothers and sisters….he would have been poked, prodded and died without his Momma or Daddy’s touch. This cruelty is intolerable to my heart. I don’t understand why any law maker can’t see how wide a net they can and do cast when pushing into personal decisions with their pens and swords. I’ve been asked to speak about this, to someone in the state where this law is being pushed hardcore and in my soul I know I have to. I don’t believe in everything pro-choice laws protect…..but the truth is, I am happy to be alive today. I am grateful for the choices I was allowed to make to preserve my life, my family and my future children’s lives. As much as people like to argue about the “small percentage” of women that would be affected, I am one of those women. And I was a woman who was absolutely capable of making the decision to value my son’s life while also valuing my own. This is not a black and white issue…..”

MASQ call for music!


You know that song that when it comes on at a party, makes your jump up like THIS IS MY JAM!!!! and run on to the dancefloor to get down?

WE WANT IT. Part of the much anticipated dandykor party, MASQ, will be featuring a mix made up of songs folks send in. We tried this for the Pride Party a couple years back, and people loved it. So we are doing it again. It’s simple: EMAIL an mp3 (or a couple) to and we will compile them and play them the night of. Do it soon! We must have ALL MUSIC by Nov.3rd at midnight!! CANT WAIT to hear what everyone sends in.



dandykor presents }}}MASQ{{{


dandykor presents MASQ


{A Queer Speakeasy Masqueerade Dance Party}


FRIDAY NOV 8th 2013 8pm@ the ArtBar


119 Gold SW downtown ABQ NM

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1920s style, classy not classist. Dripping in Dapper.
Masks, Mystery, Marvel, Mayhem!
More info soon, Stay in Touch! Mmmmmmm…
This party is in part to support RESPECT ABQ WOMEN and YOUNG WOMEN UNITED in the fight against anti-choice bill in the upcoming Nov.18th  local election. Get informed, Do your part, VOTE, Spread the Word!

Also please note: ArtBar is a private club, so you must RSVP


to be on the List. Gonna be HOT! We will publish the guest-list on FB the day before. RSVP here on Facebook or email RSVP at If you don’t, you can purchase for an additional $5 a month long membership so breathe, babes, all will work out.
Sorry, saucy youth–>this dandykor event is 21+…
Wheelchair access? YES.
Kitchen open till 10. This event WILL FILL OUT so arrive early lest you wait on the sidewalk.

Also: We are putting out a call for your fave hot DANCE anthems/tunes, as part of the party will feature a

   collaborative playlist. The list link will be posted soon.
We are also seeking applicants for SLO-MO Prohibition-Era Gogo Performers, of the most delectable and diverse variety. Stay tuned for info on how to get involved with these aspects if they peek your interest.
EMAIL US at with gogo performer proposals. We’d love to see a pic, or link to a pic, and hear about why you want to gogo at Masq. Dancers will rotate through, probaly sharing the stage area, each having a 30 minute shift, compensation will be discussed.




a note on the recent dandykor flier

Hello Dandykor Friends! It was brought to my attention last night that we’ve used a word in the latest flier that is divisive and triggering. I’m glad, although it’s hard, for those of us with the insight to call out discrepancies when they happen in dandykor’s intention to be inclusive and safe. It’s not the first time, and probably wont be the last time that I, Avery, and we, as a group, will create such situations. On the flier we used the phrase “spastic, awkward, and lovable dance party.” My ableist privilege created a blindspot, as privilege often does. Spastic is a word thrown at differently abled folks as a derogatory term and I failed to make that connection as the fliers were in process. This became an interesting conversation last night, at a dandykor meeting, and I’m writing to acknowledge my personal piece in this situation. I feel thankful to live in a time and community where we can look critically at our own and each others’ actions and creations, where we we can explore the layers beyond right/wrong, and have the opportunities to learn. I am always sorry the learning opportunities come at a cost to folks who are often already marginalized. On behalf of dandykor I apologize for any hurt that using this word has caused. I know folks have many different thoughts, feel free to continue the conversation here/ on FB. Thanks, Avery

Queer Science Fair!!

GEEKYFREAKY creative folks now is the time to get going on your projects! check it out…

Amazing prizes!

Totally up to your interpretation… WHAT IS QUEER SCIENCE? What scientific methodology applies to kink, politics, creaivity? BRING US YOUR BRILLIANCE!

email to register




dandykor presents: GEEKY<>KINKY party

XX be there and be square XX


THE SHOW!! tease us, lovers…


So yeah, at the upcoming DANDYKOR making valentines and writing secret love notes on the flirt board and eating chocolate and getting spanked and kissed at the kissing and spanking booth, and getting cute portraits taken with friends, and getting to peek in at the DIY peepshow corner, or putting on a little show of your own… all that is gonna be SO CUTE, but then, THE SHOW!!! Here are a few hot pics of some of the performers ready to rock our world, on Friday February 15th… YUUMMMMMM266877_1803608858740_2809377_odandykor3 march 2012 033551822_10151857262205283_430234015_n166951_10150328037912665_719747221_n218963_1674718196554_6124893_o621035_507213392626804_1433916615_oeve




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